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Paul Siebold

About Paul

A marketing, promotions and public relations executive for over 15 years, Paul is managing director of OFF OFF PR, a firm dedicated to promoting independent theatrical productions through effective marketing communications. Among his many successes, Paul has been the publicist for the 2008 and 2009 winners of the New York Innovative Theatre Award's "Outstanding Production of a Musical." Highlights as publicist include AEA Showcase productions of "Yank: A New Musical," "Like You Like It," and "King Lear" (The Gallery Players); KNF Co. productions of "Love, Incorporated" (MITF) and "Bird House" (Theatre 3); "Down Range" (DelanoCelli Productions); the JMTC productions of "Benny" (MITF), "Spitting in the Face of the Devil" (FringeNYC), and "Sex Ed" (Short Subjects Festival); "Street Lights" (NYMF); "Most Likely To: The Senior Superlative Musical (Broadway Clubhouse);" and "Give and Go: Learning from Losing to the Harlem Globetrotters" (Metropolitan Playhouse). Member, AEA / AFTRA.

Contact Paul at: paul [at] offoffpr [dot] com .

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What People Say About Paul

"Paul's lively personality, creativity, and hard work made it a pleasure to work with him on "Give and Go: Learning from Losing to the Harlem Globetrotters." He actually hand-delivered miniature basketballs to certain industry professionals along with personalized invitations to see the show!"

— Brandt Johnson, Writer, Performer, and Co-Producer, "Give and Go: Learning from Losing to the Harlem Globetrotters"

"Paul Siebold is a gift to those of us producing off off Broadway. His energy, enthusiasm, and creative ideas are exactly what is needed when you are competing for press and notice in the city that never sleeps and has a thousand events and productions happening every day and night. He tirelessly pursues every angle and finds new ones as well. Delano Celli Productions is a very small outfit with very limited resources but for our production of DOWN RANGE, Paul worked constantly and got us on national radio, all over the web with editorials, reviews, and notices, in print for the listings, and enticed major industry players to see the show even though we were producing at one of the busiest times of the New York season."

— Laura Delano and Bob Celli, Producers, DelanoCelli Productions

"Paul Siebold got great coverage for my production of YANK! A New Musical; reviews, listings, and features, and we saw the results at the box office. Furthermore, he did a terrific job of front-loading the publicity so that we could take full advantage of word-of-mouth. Highly recommended."

— Matt Schicker, Producer and Executive Director, The Gallery Players

"It's been an honor. You are such a doll - it's always a pleasure working with you! Your talent and enthusiasm has made this process a breeze. I hope we get to work with each other again."

— Katherine Heberling, Producer, KNF Co.

"You are my favorite publicist in the universe. Thanks for bringing such a positive spirit. You're awesome!"

— Kelly R Haydon, Producer, KNF Co.

"So many words, never enough room on the paper. Thank you so much for all your work on this production, and your fabulous and wonderful optimism. It's been an absolute joy collaborating on this magical show!"

— Tzipora Kaplan, Producer, KNF Co.

"Paul is a self-motivated, proactive individual who inspires confidence among those who work with him. He communicates effortlessly and efficiently. He handles adversity with ease. He is as reliable as they get. When you work with Paul, you get someone who always hits the ground running."

— Chris Carfizzi, Yank! A New Musical, The Gallery players

"Paul is a very professional, through marketer. He is very capable and demonstrates a dedication to his craft that is unique. His accomplishments at WOR have been noteworthy and I would strongly recommend working with Paul on any entertainment product development, PR, or marketing effort."

— Jared Lapin, Director of Interactive Sales, WOR Radio

"Paul Siebold is one of those rare people who combines fresh and innovative creative instincts with the business acumen that enables him to get the most out of his targeted advertising/marketing/public relations budgets. His skills are employed against multi-platform campaigns including print, event marketing, on-air and online initiatives. With ROI as his constant imperative, Paul achieves stated objectives from conception to completion."

— Chuck Renwick, Vice President, National Sales, Streamline Publishing