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Disenchanted: A New Musical

Planet Connections Festivity @ Robert Moss / Cherry Lane Theatre

July 21 & 24, 2011

Free AEA Staged Readings.

The Story
The Truth is never Black and White. Once upon a time, in a faraway land called Manhattan, there lived a socialite named Mandi. Blonde, beautiful, and unbelievably rich, this paparazzi princess led a fairytale life. But alas! Unbeknownst to Mandi, she had been living under the spell of a terrible "White" lie. And her perfect world was about to come tumbling down. With her Mumsy and Dadsy dead and gone, it would be up to her doting beau Daniel and twin besties Bee-Bee and Dee-Dee to protect Mandi from the truth. All was going well, until mean-spirited Margarita Torres and Stephen Q. Burkowski vow to bring Mandi's ignorant bliss to an end. But fear not. Sometimes when the fairytale ends, that's when the real story begins...


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