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Hell's Belles

Midtown Theatre, 163 West 46th Street, NYC

September 10-October 2, 2011

Tickets are $45 and can be purchased at

The Story
A pop star has been the unfortunate victim of a freak accident. As she arrives in Hell, iron-hoofed Lester, a musical-loving devil, introduces her to a series of historically-infamous women who strut the stage satirizing everything from women's rights to motherhood to the criminal justice system. Salome, Lady Godiva, Lizzie Borden, Joan Crawford, and Janis Joplin are included among the notorious females being forced to perform in an eternal musical revue. Will the pop star accept her fate and join the chorus, or will she stage a revolution? And what's Eleanor Roosevelt doing here? Hell's Belles is a tour de force for three actresses who play over 20 roles, with crazy costumes, quick changes, tuneful melodies, and social satire.


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