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I Light Up My Life: The Mark Sam Celebrity Autobiography

FringeNYC: Dixon Place, 161A Crystie Street, NYC

August 12-31, 2011

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased online at

The Story
The world's first preemptive celebrity autobiography traces the rise to semi-obscurity of Mark Sam Rosenthal ("one of the city's great comedic storytellers" - Time Out) from his continental origins in the second-grade class French play through an ill-fated onscreen dabbling in the world of adult entertainment to his not-quite-breakout off-Broadway triumph as a cross-dressing, time-traveling Blanche DuBois. Along the way, drugs are taken, delusions are grand, and our celebrity deals inappropriately with his bi-religious identity, 9/11, and a death from AIDS - although not his own.


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