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The High Line, 10th Avenue Square Viewing Stands

October 6-16, 2011, Thurs/Fri @ 8pm; Sat/Sun at 6pm

Free and Open To the Public

The Story
Melamed and his performers present everyday slices of lives, but with a twist. A diversity of scenes serve to initiate the ideologies and curiosities of the viewer. Cultures, politics, sexuality, religion, art and more, are a few of the themes represented among scenes which pique our interest with events which are just slightly out of place. SEEWATCHLOOK explores the questions: How is the city a stage? What is theatre and what is not? Are the performers actors or citizens? What is the boundary between a show and reality? Is it in the eye of the spectator-- In the eyes of those watching? Seeing? Looking? And finally: what do you see when you look at what you watch? SEEWATCHLOOK is a brand new verb. How does one seewatchlook the street corner, people, situations, life - anything? It all depends on who is seewatchlooking and how they seewatchlook. It is in the eye of the beholder. Each one of us with our own creativity, affection and reason has invented the world around us, giving value or transvaluing things. The object changes according to the observer. What do you see when you look at what you watch?


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