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In The Face

Of The Devil

New York International Fringe Festival
The Players Loft, 115 MacDougal St., NYC

Fri. 8/14 @ 10:30pm
Sat. 8/15 @ 5:00pm
Mon. 8/17 @ 4:15pm
Sat. 8/22 @ 3:45pm
Mon. 8/24 @ 10:00pm
Sat. 8/29 @ 7:00pm


The Story
The sins of the father go on and on from son to son until someone chooses to end them. Little Bobby took a knife and nearly killed his father, the Bob Sr. nobody knew. Now his son reveals what only he knows. SPITTING IN THE FACE OF THE DEVIL, a daring, darkly funny, highly personal, absolutely true solo show in the vein of Spalding Gray and Mike Daisey. The show is about the author's tension-filled relationship with his father, a charismatic and terrifying ex-Marine. Bob Brader, Sr. harbors a huge personal secret about his sexuality that is revealed halfway through the piece; this revelation comes as a shocking surprise not only to the author, but also to the audience, who discovers the details along with him.

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