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Viewer Discretion Advised

The Kraine Theater, 85 East 4th Street, NYC

Sep 9 - Oct 10, 2010

Tickets are $18 and can be purchased online at

The Story
Viewer Discretion Advised examines the violence that lies buried deep beneath our civilized exteriors. Jealousy, resentment, revenge and finally the question of whether we can overcome our basic animal natures are explored through an explosive meeting of three very different people. New acquaintances Norm and Bud and are suspicious of each other and use a series of innuendos and accusations to seek the truth, as they struggle with a need to prove themselves to one another. But the verbal sparring turns aggressive as their talk turns to Anne. Bud taunts Norm regarding his lack of sexual progress with her and challenges him to force his hand. Anne's arrival ignites a primal competition between the two men and their game of one-up-man-ship becomes dangerously competitive. Betrayal and threats awaken the three characters' darkest sides as they find themselves capable of shocking acts of retribution and rage, and the play culminates in a final and stunning confrontation. .

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