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The Weiner Monologues

Access Theatre, 380 Broadway, NYC

November 6-10, 2013

Tickets for The Wiener Monologues are $20 and can be purchased 24/7 online at

The Story
Anthony Weiner was a rising star in the Democratic Party until his online exploits ended his career. Then he ran for mayor, and it looked like he would be back on top until his junk was in the news again. Using Greek tragedy as a model to tell the story of the ups and downs of Weiner’s career, The Weiner Monologues explores the tension between personal and communal in the age of the Internet and the proliferation of social media. Through found text, live song, dance, video, and the use of smart phone technology as a narrative device, TWM goes beyond the headlines and double entendres to penetrate the issues of identity and meaning in our post-post-modern era. Also, there are a lot of wiener jokes.


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