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Current Productions & Highlights

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    • Les Enfants de Paris - "“The fresh-scrubbed young cast, led by the likable Jed Resnick and Nadine Malouf takes it all very seriously and is rewarded with a decent array of Mr. Levinson’s charming melodies, including a few nightclub songs that deserve to find their way into cabaret acts.” - Eric Grode, The New York Times

        • The Day The Sky Turned Black - "Ali Kennedy-Scott is a whirlwind, an irrepressible bundle of energy, spine and spirit. Ms. Kennedy-Scott’s transformations are quick and the situations are vivid. Most important, her portrayals are heartfelt: in them we see not just a hardy, exuberant and resourceful people but also a proud compatriot who appears to embody the very same qualities. - Andy Webster, The New York Times